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Female shooter kills herself and her boyfriend at YouTube’s California HQ

Written by Logical Men

The female shooter who opened fire in YouTube HQ at three people before taking her own life has been identified.

She had a channel on YouTube where she frequently complained about the YouTube’s new policies, calling them unfair and in her opinion, the only channels that grew are the ones that are liked by the YouTube. She had also protested in front of the YouTube HQ in the past, where she held a sign calling the site ‘dictator’.

Nasim Aghdam, 39, shot a man and two other women with a handgun when she burst in the YouTube HQ, which is located in San Bruno, on Tuesday afternoon.

She used to make content related to veganism and she claimed to be affected badly by the new policies of YouTube.

According to the witnesses she was wearing a scarf and sunglasses when got into the building.

Earlier it was thought that it was domestic dispute after there was an indication she shot her boyfriend.

She claimed to be animal rights activist and ‘vegan bodybuilder’, she was very involved in social media and many YouTube channels.

In 2017, she shared her anger in a YouTube video about the platform treating her unfairly. She said that she used to get a lot more views in the past but the new restrictions hurt her channel. She had 5000 subscribers on her channel.

Her father said she told her family that YouTube wasn’t paying her anymore. He also said that she was headed to YouTube and she hated the platform. She was also reported missing few days prior to the attack.

In the end, she took her own life with a gun.

After watching her video, many people are saying that she had mental health issues. But she was a horrible garbage that tried to take lives of innocent people.

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