Female NYPD sergeant busted for shoplifting $360 of clothing

A female sergeant of NYPD has brought some bad name to the department after she got arrested for shoplifting $360 worth of goods. The incident took place in New York at Macy’s department store in Yonkers.

Sergeant Eva Pena was stopped by the security guards of the store as CCTV cameras had recorded her attempt to steal branded clothing. She might not be aware of the security cameras which had recorded her every action.

She had attempted to pick up Tommy Hilfiger pants, a lace Guess dress and a beaded Guess shirt. When she had attempted to remove the tags of the above described stuff, she was stopped by the mall security at around 8:30pm.

The news of Eva Pena getting involved in a failed attempt to steal clothings gained more importance because of her involvement in a police event as she posed with police commissioner Jame O’Neil. It appears that she enjoyed close relations with the police chief.

An internal report obtained by Daily Mail reporting the arrest of Eva Pena revealed that she had takes the sales tag off the clothing while security cameras recorded her move. After removing the tags she placed those in her purse and she tried to leave the store without paying a penny. The security of the store realised that some woman was trying to take clothes without paying a penny; therefore, they placed her in a security office and didn’t allow her to leave the store. After that the security of the store called police.

Eva Pena was placed on suspension around 9:15pm. The police report then mentioned that she had tried to pick up six clothing items from the store without having any plan to pay for those items.

A female identified as Sergeant Eva Pena was observed on store surveillance removing price tags from merchandise, which she then placed six clothing items into her purse and attempted to walk out of Macy’s without making payment.

Macy’s staffer then moved towards the female sergeant and upon checking her purse, the staffer could find the price tags and other picked up clothes.

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