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Feds Chide Georgia Sheriff & Order him to Return $69G spent on Hellcat Muscle Car

Most people join the police force to serve the humanity. Their purpose is to join the public service division of the government. A few, very few, join it for sake of power. They want the fancy stuff along with their police duty. Unfortunately, Georgia Sheriff did something similar to this notion. The Feds ordered the Georgia Sheriff to pay back $69,000 which was spent on purchasing a Hellcat muscle car.

The amount was received from a federal program and its purpose was not to buy a sports car in the police department for the official use of Sheriff. The money was used to buy 707 hp Dodge Charger Hellcat in May. The department has not yet replied to the Feds and they are looking for the available options to avoid the situation.

It’s right that Charger is a popular option, especially for the law enforcement agencies. However, getting a Hellcat’s 6.2-litre supercharged V8 engine makes it a little exaggerated, such a purcahse is not just allowed. Since, Dodge doesn’t make this model for this purpose.

This amazing Black Sedan is at the dispense of County Sherrif. The usage is different than the one stated in the documents used for procuring the car at first. The application stated that the car to be required for undercover operation. The Feds described it as a huge expenditure not aligning with the said purpose.

In other news, the department used the same car to promote awareness against the dangers of dragging and street racing. The campaign can be found with the title, “Beat the Heat.” The staff wants to solve the issue of the vehicle with the Department of Justice as quickly as possible. The department says that they had no intention to mislead the DOJ, infact what the letter had for the procurement of vehicle was a boilerplate for getting any vehicle officially.

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