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Father’s co-worker jailed for life after he lasciviously assaulted his 5yo daughter and strangled her to death

Written by Wamiq Ali

This is a strange world and it’s hard to believe that perpetrators like this father’s co-worker exist who attack an innocent soul just for sake of pleasure. A 27yo Minnesota man has admitted to abducting, molesting and strangling a 5yo daughter of his co-worker to death. The court has given him a life sentence against the crime which he committed.

Zachary Todd Anderson had kidnapped Alayna Ertl on August 20, 2016. Later that day Alayna’s dead-body was found. During a court hearing, Anderson pleaded guilty to first-degree murder as reported by Twin Cities Pioneer Press. The investigation report included an autopsy summary according to which the victim died from ‘homicidal violence’, which included strangulation and blunt force trauma to her head.

According to the report, the child had also been molested prior to the efforts of getting her murdered. Anderson was a family friend and was spending a Friday night at Ertl family’s house. Alayna was put to her bed at around 2 am on August 20.

In the morning, Alayna and Anderson were gone missing along with a 2002 GMC Sierra truck. Anderson was found hours later and Alayna’s father reported the police about his daughter’s disappearance. Anderson’s father told the police that he believed that his son was involved in the disappearance.

Anderson was found in a knee-deep water in a swampy area and upon further investigation, the 2002 GMC Sierra truck was also found in the forest. Upon investigation, Anderson told the location of Alayna’s dead body.

After scouting the area the authorities found the lifeless body of Alayna submerged in the water and hidden under the bush. It’s a surprise that Anderson used to live at Alayna’s house on previous occasions.

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