Father smacks down two 9yo boys who bullied his kid

Written by Wamiq Ali

This violent father hits two 9-year-old boys just because he thought that they bullied his kid. A shocking video of this confrontation got released on the Internet today and everyone is feeling cringe after watching it. Hitting two underage boys is quite absurd in nature and everyone watching the video felt the same. There is a General consensus of the Internet that this father did something wrong.

So this happened in Russia in a city of Krasnodar where a father beats up two kids who allegedly bullied his son. The dad who is 34 years old must be currently thinking if he did something wrong or right. In the video , e can be seen walking up towards a group of playing kids. As soon as he approaches to the kids he attacks one of them. He punches the kids so hard that he goes down on the earth. The dad then starts to confront the other kid who is sitting on the swings.

The father of the kid hits the underage guy with an open hand. Shortly after the confrontation, other adults start to gather around him.

Scroll down for the video as we have embedded it at the end of the article. After the first child hits the ground the father holds the other child wearing a hoodie and starts to berate him. He strikes the child on the floor again and continues to shout until other adults intervene this situation.

The mother of one of the attacked boys was interviewed by Daily Mail and she told a totally different story. She said that another group of guys were actually trying to bully the kid of the guy who attacked her boy. She further added that it was her boy who actually shooed away those guys and saved the kid of the aggressor.

The woman told that her 9-year-old son called Ratmir and his pal Timur were out on the playground when they were approached by the neighbouring guys. She said that her son made them go away but then the father of his friend came and started to hit him. The incident has been reported to the police and they are currently investigating the matter. But whatsoever is the outcome if the father dealt the situation with anger then surely he is going to face some jail time.

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