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Father forces daughter to chop off ‘New Hair Off’ as ‘Punishment’ goes viral

Written by Wamiq Ali

The internet has gone crazy over this father for forcing his daughter to chop off her hair as a punishment. We all know that the internet police are quite fast at giving a verdict against any person and the people on social media expedite the process of decision making. In general, it doesn’t take much for the internet to get angry at a person, one wrong video and you’re in trouble.

Ohio based two volunteer firefighters are put on leave after a family dispute regarding the child’s haircut. The controversial haircut actually lead the officials to investigate the case. The fire chief himself is involved in the investigations.

Girl’s mother posted the video on the Facebook which is quite viral at the moment. The long hair of her daughter was cut dramatically short as a possible punishment for getting highlights on her birthday.

The Police Chief along with the Wood County Children’s services are working together to investigate the case. This seems to them like a potential child abuse complaint. The girl’s biological mother accused the stepfather & stepmother of the girl as the possible perpetrators of carrying out the child abuse and inflicting haircut as punishment.

I’ve been doing this since ’92 and I’ve never had a case I would say that’s like this, Mom was upset with how her child was being cared for — lack of better terms. (says the Police Chief

The firefighters will remain on leave until the investigation gets completed. The fire department says that these two volunteer firemen are working with them for years but neither they have heard any complaint regarding the two nor any disciplinary action has even been taken, which means both the firemen are a reliable addition to society.

As of Monday evening, no charges have been pressed against the two, let’s see what happens next!

The mother has created a Facebook page to reach out to a larger audience regarding the issue. She has been pictured above with her daughter on the left. The biological mother can be seen on the right of Kelsey. The mother asked her daughter to pick up a wig for the picture. Kelsey then pick out a wig and seems happy.

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