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Father attacks man in the court room who brutally killed his daughter, did the right thing?

Written by Wamiq Ali

This father who appeared in the court couldn’t resist watching the killer of his daughter and thus jumped right across the table and attacked him as a revenge. The move cannot be declared as something good or bad but definitely, the father became emotional. Do you guys support him?

This father was one of the three victims of serial killer Michael Madison. Minutes after the judge pronounced a death sentence, the father leapt over the table to attack the defendant.

Van Terry the father of the victim Shirellda Terry was called on the rostrum to address the judge and speak about the loss he endured because of his daughter’s death.

Right now, I guess we’re supposed to, in our hearts forgive this clown, who has touched our families, taken my child,” – said Terry

After saying this the Dad paused in order to have a look at the criminal. He couldn’t bar himself from getting emotional and thus he attacked the defendant. The entire courtroom turned into a total chaos as the video can be seen with some people are yelling no while others Terry.

The law enforcement officials dragged the father out of the courtroom and said that the defendant endured no injuries. After 15 minutes the sentencing hearing continued.

The bodies of the 3 dead people which were killed by the serial killer were found in 2013 near the east Cleveland apartment building where Madison (The Killer) lived. The Killer told the police that he strangled two of the women but he couldn’t remember that how you killed the third one.

The Serial Killer

The executions will be years away because of the lengthy appeals and the long procedures. Also, Ohio at the moment lacks the lethal drugs which are used for the executions. The next batch of the executions is expected to be started in 2019. The killer specifically targeted women. The attorneys of Madison never tried to fight off his conviction rather they focused on his disturbed childhood which turned him into a ruthless murdered.

They were somehow trying to get his sentence reduced in any means. There was even a testimony during the trial that Madison was abused by his drug addicted mother and had a confused childhood.

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