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Father advises what not to do with fidget spinners after one explodes in son’s face

I hope the popularity of fidget spinners end soon. A lot of trends became popular in the last couple of years including the Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Go caused a lot of accidents because of the enthusiast kids trying to capture some reward. 

Fidget spinners fail is a whole new category of videos published on Youtube. These fail videos show the dark side of spinners. A dude on Youtube actually blasts open a fidget spinner after he tried to make it rotate faster and faster.

This dad on Facebook shared an accident story which occurred with his son. The son and the dad were playing with fidget spinners when this accident happened. They were trying to make the fidget spinner go faster. In the endeavour, they pushed compressed air across the blades and this made it rotate faster. However, the fidget spinner blasted on his on the face and injured him heavily. The good news, it didn’t hit his eye.

The child suffered a bad injury and soon after he got hit, the dad took him to a hospital for the stitches.

The below image might feel awkward and depressing to some viewers, so if you don’t like injuries then kindly don’t scroll down.

The child got 30 stitches in total. 27 outside and 3 inside. The post was shared on the Facebook and people started commenting well wishes. Someone in the comments asked, “What made the spinner explode? What was the rating of compressed air can?” to which the dad replied, “The spinner just exploded”.


  • I call BULLSHIT!!! let’s be honest people, we all see that cut on that child’s lip, at most it got 2 stitches on each upright, and maybe 6 stitches across the bottom, that’s 10 stitches not 30 smh, also, the article is trying to blame the fidget spinner but even the father’s tweet said it was dad’s idea to use COMPRESSED AIR on the spinner. That could be upwards of 150+ psi on the low end of the spectrum, as a mechanic I use a much higher psi daily on my tools smh. Stop blaming inanimate objects for the stupidity of the people using them.

    • I agree it was stupid to do that with the compressed air, but they aren’t safe to begin with. I read more than one article in which a couple people (reporter, engineer) did research and studied the fidget spinners and the average fidget spinner contains dangerous amounts of led and mercury in them. Much higher than the normal fdas legal limit, but since there isn’t a patent and they are assembled overseas in places like China they let it slip.

    • He’s just telling you what not to do with the object. He isn’t blaming fidget spinners. Who cares how man stitches to kid got too that’s not even the point.

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