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Fastest Car In The World As Decided by German Motorway Autobahn

Fastest Car In The World

German autobahn is nearly a mythical place where no speed limit is imposed. The multi-lane beast is heaven for many drivers. They can unleashed there cars on a public road. This sound too good to be true. A public road, in a notoriously buttoned-up country, where a person can drive as fast as their engine size and nerve will allow? Yes, dear readers, there is an autobahn.

Here’s a list of 10 vehicles which have been pushed to their limits.

#10 Corvette ZR1 At 192 miles per hour corvette-z06-stingray-16

A Dutch autoblog team (ABHD) took one of the first ZR1s to go for a little speed test on autobahn.

Due to Heavy traffic and a few work zone on the autobahn, the Dutch team only managed to get ZR1 up to 192 miles per hour. Yes! “Only” 192 miles per hours because the car was designed to hit 205 miles per hour. Even so, the team was sad to be 13 miles per hour slower than the car’s full capability. How sad would you be at 192 miles per hour?

#9 Lamborghini Aventador At 199 miles per hourlambo-aventador-2015-1

Lamborghini Aventador on no. 9 pretty shocking right. We might expect a beast like Lamborghini Aventador to be a bit higher on the list but it’s on no. 9 for a number of reasons. The 199 miles per hour achieved by the reporter at Inside line only gets this Lambo to number nine. The engineers in Sant’Agata, where the Aventador was built, are crying

It was daytime! There was traffic! How could you expect the 690-horsepower V-12 to reach its full speed of 217 miles per hour in such conditions? Cavolo! (Italian for “Crap!)

#8 Porsche 911 GT3 RTS 4.0 At 200.7 miles per hour


The 911 GT3 RTS 4.0 is a factory-prepped car, and the Porsche guys really poured all they had into it. Thanks to their passion (or insanity; it is so hard to tell the difference sometimes), the Road & Track testers were able to push this car to a hair over 200 miles per hour.

#7 Ruf CTR Yellowbird At 201.3 miles per hour ctr-081

James Clash an automotive journalist wa invited by Alois Ruf, the owner of Ruf Automobile. Alois Ruf asked James Clash to take Yellowbird on an autobahn speed run. James clash drove it on the A81, a section of autobahn that runs between Würzburg and Heilbronn. James Clash managed to get Yellowbird up to 201.3 miles per hour. He described the experience as nerve-wracking.

#6 Kelleners BMW M6 At 206.3 miles per hourkelleners-m6-gran-coupe-2

Kelleners specializes in prettying up BMWs, but it also tuned a beast of an M6 and took it to the autobahn. Given that we’re halfway through the list, you know what’s coming. This BMW M6 hit the pavement in 2009 and flew to 206 miles an hour.

#5 Ruf R Turbo At  208.7 miles per hourruf-r_turbo_mp641_pic_20281

Remember James Clash from number seven. Well! Alois Ruf asked him again to drive a car but this time, it was better and faster than before. This time James Clash hopped into a Ruf R Turbo, which has 50 more horsepower than the CTR, and hit 208.7 miles per hour. Keep in mind this was a working day with traffic and construction work going on.

#4 Bugatti Veyron At  219 miles per hourbugatti-veyron-super-sport

The Bugatti Veyron is best of the best there is no doubt in that. The most expensive to most exclusive to the most horsepower. But it doesn’t make it to the top of the list. It is included on this list as a proud representative of all the questionable amateur videos on the Internet showing people doing dangerous things in powerful cars. For instance, in this 2011 video you can see flashing lights on the right side of the screen. There are two explanations for this in the comment-verse: either the police are chasing him (doubtful) or he has a police motorcycle escort (more doubtful; what motorcycle could keep up with him?) or he affixed flashing lights to convince other drivers to move over out of his way (pretty likely). And is he really holding his own camera while he drives? In any case, the speedometer reads 353 kilometers per hour, which is 219 miles per hour. That’s believable for a Bugatti, since they’ve set records above 250 miles an hour on the track.

#3 Porsche 9ff GTurbo850 At 236 miles per hour 9ff-gturbo-r-porsche-911-997-turbo_0

The 9ff GTurbo850 goes so fast, it doesn’t need spaces in its name. It was the first car to set a record of 236 miles per hour in 72 years with traffic during daylight hours in 2010. The top two record holders had a couple of advantages. It’s hard to believe advantages over a tuned Porsche are possible, but you’ll see what I mean.

#2 V-16 Auto Union At  268.432 miles per hour1936-auto-union_type-c-920-29

The fastest times on the German autobahn weren’t set yesterday, or a year ago, or even a decade ago. They were set in 1938. On the same day. By Mercedes Benz and Auto Union (which would eventually become Audi). Bernd Rosemeyer drove an Auto Union streamliner that had a mid-mounted V-16 engine, two superchargers and an estimated 400 horsepower — not too shabby even today. It was designed by Ferdinand Porsche. What the streamliner didn’t have, unfortunately, was enough downforce to keep it planted on the road at high speed. Rosemeyer managed to hit 268.432 miles an hour, when word came in that the Mercedes-Benz driver had managed a faster speed. The shockers don’t stop there, though. Rosemeyer headed out again, and on that run, tragedy struck. He lost control of his car in crosswinds and was killed.

#1 Mercedes-Benz W125 At  268.8 miles per hourw1252-000_1024x768

How fast was Rosemeyer’s rival? A half a mile an hour. No joke. A record so close it seemed sane to set out again to try to break it. Ninety minutes before Rosemeyer made his final run, driver Rudolf Caracciola set an autobahn speed record of 268.8 miles per hour, that has not been broken since in a Mercedes-Benz W125 with a V-12 engine. How is it possible that these two could set records that have stood for the better part of a century? Well, first of all, they were using cars built for the purpose of vanquishing a rival, not production cars like half the rest of the guys on this list. Second, Rosemeyer and Caracciola didn’t have to deal with traffic. They had sections of the autobahn shut down so these guys could go all out. And there were certainly no construction crews around.

Source:  How Stuff Works

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