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Fast and furious 7 Review

Written by Jawaria

Late Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and the rest of the crew wreak havoc in Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, various U.S. locations in Colorado and Georgia in Fast and Furious 7. The latest series has the same hit formula featuring speedy cars, sizzling babes and bunch of action but with a twist. Now, everything is amplified and next level and the use of 3D just help make you feel a part of the film right from the start.


The story of Fast and Furious 7 grab hold of the narrative of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, with the end of Tokyo Drift featuring the new Drift King aka DK being challenged by Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). The race is obviously won by Dominic Toretto, which is sadly not revealed in the film, but valuable evidence from Han’s (Han – Sung Kang) collided car exchanges hands. The silver necklace with the cross that belongs to Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) moves hands from Owen Shaw (played by Luke Evans) to Deckard Shaw (Owen Shaw’s big brother played by Jason Statham) and finally lands in Dominic’s hands.

Dominic finds out about Deckard who is away to get him and his family when a package from Tokyo consumes his house and almost kills Dominic, Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) and the newest member of the family. Deckard hits Luke Hobbs (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) as well and leaves him hospitalised for almost the entire film until he comes back in the climax.

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Hobbs advises Dominic to seek out the assistance of a secret CIA operative (Kurt Russell), who introduces himself as “Mr. Nobody”. The CIA agent agrees to oblige them, only if Dominic’s team would secure a sharp tracking gadget for the US government.

On the other hand, a group of mercenaries led by Jakande (Djimon Honsou) are also trying to lay their hands on the tracking gadget.

Director James Wan, who had earlier given us a few horror movies like the “Saw” and “The Conjuring” series, has very resolutely conveyed this action-packed film, keeping in tune with its pedigree.

Amazing Stunts of Fast and Furious 7:

The stunts of Fast and Furious 7 are beyond belief. From parachuting cars out of a military plane to assaulting a convoy of mercenaries, Paul Walker as Brian hops from the side of a bus on to Letty’s drifting car Lykan HyperSport’ that not only jumps from one building to another, but finishes up jumping to a third building as well for the reason that the brakes fail.

The dialogues are brusque and tempered with the characteristic one-liners that have been often seen in the series. These are especially evident, during moments of one-upmanship, when the cast keeps ribbing their opponents, “too slow”.

Visually too, alternating between shots of foot on the accelerator and the speedometer, the adrenaline rush of the pace thrills, is effectively created by the sound design and quick edits.

As far as the songs with the lyrics, “Oh oh my, I couldn’t believe in my eyes” and the one at the very end, “We have come a long way about you, my friends” as background score is quiet touching.

Paying Tribute:

Furious 7 or Fast and Furious 7 finish with a lovely tribute to Paul Walker. There is a montage of Paul Walker’s scenes from all the past Fast and Furious movies and the film ends with the message ‘For Paul’. Fast and Furious 7 has effectively deal with the same things with a new yet tried and tested retaliation storyline thanks to the stunts that had the spectators sense the intensity of the scenes, as adrenaline starts pumping in your veins. Apart from the goose bumps that the films give you, there are a few scenes where Brian O’Conner feels that he could be close to meeting his creator and he mentions it too, which gives a weird spine-chilling commotion as Paul Walker is in reality dead!

The soulful sights in Fast and Furious 7 are well edited to keep it short, and yet send the message across that no matter how much you miss the thrills, being there for your family is the most important thing in the world. The last scene has Dominic drive alone on a lonely road and stop at an intersection even as Brian stops next to him in a pristine white Toyota Supra. Despite the excellent graphics, you could notify that it wasn’t Paul Walker in that scene, as they start driving tight next to each other with Dominic delivering a tribute to his brother.

Fast and Furious 7 ends with Dominic taking the straight road, as Brian’s car take another route. The excellent symbolism and the subtle yet heartfelt homage to Paul Walker will remain till the end of time. Fast and Furious 7, without a doubt more than a penny worth film.

Eventually, ‘Speed thrills but also Kills’. “Drive not fastly, drives your wheel by joy and care because family waits for you”.

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