Fans accuse EMINEM of ripping off DANIELE BREGOLI on KAMIKAZE

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This is something which no one ever thought, Danielle’s Fans versus the fans of the Eminem. The rap star is older and more famous than Bregoli. She also made an entry into the music industry a few months back. Since then she has released handful of her rap songs. She calls herself as Bhad Bhabie.

Recently, Danielle Bregoli blamed Eminem for ripping off her song and including it in his new album Kamikaze. The Bhad Bhabie AKA Cash me Ousside girl blamed the seasoned rapper of a possible theft. It’s worth knowing that Kamikaze which was released a few weeks back is getting a lot of attention. This album is already on the number one rank at this moment. Eminem has created amazing music in the past as well and this is not his first time during his career that he released a hit album.

It’s possible that Bregoli wants to cash the fame of Eminem. The fans of the Bregoli also participated in the online fight. They claimed that the song made by Eminem, “Not Alike” was a copy of the Bregoli’s “Hi Bich” track. A Twitter user took out some moments of his life and pointed out the similarities between the two tracks.

Different fans of Bregoli were giving different opinions. One person went so far that he decided to prefer Bregoli over the Eminem. They were of the view that Bregoli’s Hi Bich track was far better than any of the Eminem tracks. Obviously, not everyone is going to trust on this statement.

Other said that Eminem found a new way to mock Bregoli. One guy wrote that it’s strange people no longer get interested in satirical mockery. He thought that the mockery done by Eminem was simply ignored by everyone. Instead of copying, Eminem decided to mock the girl. This was a view from many people.

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