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Famous Justin Bieber’s car broke down ‘in the hood’ & locals made him do push-ups in the street

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A recent incident with Justin Bieber has shown that no matter how much famous one becomes he still has to become answerable to common people. It doesn’t matter that how much Beliebers belieb in you, when your car breaks down you can do nothing. Well, Justin is born on 1st March 1994. On Saturday, his car broke down and while he called the mechanics to arrive for his rescue he met some locals.

The locals were quite excited with the presence of Bieber. The car had broken down in the hood. No one could have done anything. The locals started to call out Bieber. They took selfies and asked him to do some push ups. Bieber had to do the push ups to please the people. Well, it showed that Bieber is really a man of people.

They even took out some time for the Basketball game. They enjoyed the game and Bieber was quite kind to them. Well, his car was not working and he was somewhere stuck, obviously he had nothing to look upto other than fulfilling the demands of the people. Internet has often presented Bieber as someone who is favored by kids and teenage girls merely. His new released on Youtube changed the perspective of many people. Below is the fan-made footage of the incident:

According to the media, it seemed that Bieber was asked for push ups as punishment. He was wearing slippers and his video was captioned: “Justin Bieber bust down in the hood for having slippers.” In this video if someone puts a meticulous observation then he can find out that Biebers hair are quite short as if he had earlier shaved his head. This obviously shows that the dude had shaved his head and he didn’t bother telling it to the media. Something is going on definitely. Some fans even related him with Britney Spears in 2007. She was facing some issues and thus she shaved off her head.

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