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Family with Infant Children Kicked Off overbooked Delta Flight

Written by Wamiq Ali

Delta flight recently got famous for creating the stir and kicking off the passengers for barely logical reasons. Looks like they are earning their fair share of the fame. This family which got kicked off with infant children are asking Delta Airlines for an apology. The family says that they were kicked off the flight and was threatened with jail time.

The cellphone video captured the moment when they were asked to leave the plane. The whole dialogue between the authorities and man is captured.

The seat which was disputed was actually bought for their 18 years older son. The parents sent him on an earlier flight and instead planned to use that seat for their younger son Grayson. They put the toddler, Grayson, in a car seat but later authorities asked them to yield that seat.

One of the employees of Delta airline told them that they can’t put a kid younger than 2 years into a seat, instead, he must be kept in parent’s lap all the time. The statement seems to be wrong because even on the Delta Airline website it’s mentioned that they recommend purchasing a seat even for toddlers to ensure maximum safety with pre-requisite child safety steps like a car seat or usage of approved child seat safety.

Mr Schear made a video through the smartphone of this whole incident. In the video, he can be seen asking the Delta Airline staff that are they going to give away the seat for which he has actually paid. Eventually, Mr Schear agreed to hold the baby when threatened by the female authority. However, they were forced to leave the aeroplane for disrupting the ethics and code of conduct. His wife says that she was terrified when they told them that they are going to end up in the jail.

I think the issue was with the boarding pass scanning, looks like the family missed that scanning part and computer thought that 18 years old son isn’t boarded. Meanwhile, the new passenger scanned and boarded the flight. This happens a lot, the family could have done something like scanning the boarding pass of the elder son while keeping younger son in the car seat.

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