Family becomes firing squad as intruder is shot by almost every member of the household

Written by Wamiq Ali

There were indeed a lot of people who were talking about gun control in America but these people neglected the fact that people actually need something for the protection in the modern world where almost everyone is carrying some kind of weapon especially the offenders and the oppressors. However, among all news, this family is securing their own viral spot in a lot of newspaper and social media blogs. This family did something which actually made us feature them on our news blog. The phrase ‘wrong house’ had never been more accurate for me to use for this family and for this entire article.

So this Intruder actually chose the wrong house and it proved to be his last mistake of life. The family was sleeping in their house, in Florida while they had some noise outside their pretty calm home. They found out that someone was trying to break into their house with malicious intent. However, the family did not budge for a second and they used their weapons to fire some warning shots but the thief was too determined to break into the house.
Louis and his wife along with their son walked down to the kitchen and the shouted to alarm the burger not to enter the house.

The burglar did not believe the warning and still tried to enter the house, as soon as he entered by breaking the door several shots headed towards him killed the guy. The police could not determine that who’s weapon killed The thief in actual, however, it was determined that two weapons discharged at the same time which proved to be lethal for the thief. For further details, you can watch the below video.

The caption of the video wrote, “Luis Pena and his wife, Bacenbina, along with their son and daughter were fast asleep when a burglar tried to enter their house via the back porch french doors. Authorities said the Pena family is not likely to face charges as they acted in clear self-defense. – wrote TomoNews.

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