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Fake wellness Blogger fined $410,000 over scam involving cure of her non-existent brain cancer

Belle Gibson didn’t suffer from brain cancer but she claimed of suffering from it in past. She also published online methods to cure and bring down brain cancer. She claimed her own cancer recovery on an online blog and fooled the general public for fame and money. She recently got prosecuted and fined $410,000.

The federal court in Melbourne found that the health blogger was involved in fooling people over her fake brain cancer recovery story. The blogger claimed that her brain cancer was cured using alternative therapies and nutrition. All of these claims were false.

Miss Gibson reportedly earned around $420,000 after she built a social media and blogging empire. She even released her own cooking application and book. It was Consumer Affairs Investigation which launched a complaint against the blogger and brought a civil case forward in 2016.

Miss Gibson was also found involved in telling the general public lie about her charities. She claimed about sending a particular percentage of her earnings to the charities but all those claims were false. She got fined for deceiving general public and her consumers.

She got fined around $90k for failing to give the advertised money to the charities in her launched application. $50k was fined for failing to donate the announced money after the launch of The Whole Pantry application. She had also announced some donation on the mother’s day event and due to her failure to donate the said money she got fined additional $30k.

Not only this, the health blogger had announced some financial help to the family of Joshua Schwarz who died of brain cancer. She failed to provide the family with the promised money and in the court hearing of her fraud case, she got fined $150k. An additional $90k was fined to her because she failed to donate the promised percentage of her profits to charities.

The failure to donate the promised money is actually the most severe crime which the health blogger could commit. “Ms Gibson expressly compared the terrible circumstances of young Joshua to her own, asserting she had the same kind of tumour as he did; a statement which was completely false,” said Justice Mortimer according to the ABC News.

The fine received from the blogger will be used for charities. The blogger didn’t release a public apology and she didn’t attend her own court hearing. Looks like she only cares about herself or there can be some other issue too.

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