Fake police officers try to pull over South Fl commissioner – who happened to be a former police officer

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A strange thing happened in Miami when two people tried to impersonate police officials in a bid to stop the commissioner. The South Florida commissioner is also a former police officer, and the impersonators are now in custody. The Miami-Dade commissioner became suspicious of a car when on Wednesday he witnessed a vehicle flashing lights. This car had come behind him on the Florida Turnpike. The commissioner Martinez said that the vehicle had a temporary tag and it was too spiffy to be a police vehicle. The commissioner knew that something was wrong with the vehicle and turned out that his suspicion was accurate. Martinez refused to pull over and flagged down an officer who was in a squad car. The officer radioed for help.

Later, these two men were found to be faking themselves as police officers. These were later taken into the custody and agents would be dealing with them at the moment. This is quite a strange incident and the purpose of those two impersonators stopping a commuter on road isn’t yet revealed. This is quite a dangerous activity because if it weren’t a commissioner, a common person would have become a victim of the drama of those impersonators. The commissioner being a former police officer knew the appearance of the police  car, hence he was able to pin point that something wrong was happening.

This isn’t the first time when someone tried to impersonate as police. Prior to this news talkofweb had covered a similar incident in which a guy was trying to impersonate a cop car. A sporadic happening of such incidents in which the common public tries to impersonate police is indeed alarming. This means that someone innocent can sometimes get victimized by any such impersonator, the concerned authorities should track down such people.

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