Fake package covers porch thieves in glitter and fart spray

The best revenge is a scientifically planned revenge which has been orchestrated after keeping in mind the minuscule details of the entire cavalcade of ideas. A fake package made into the news after a successful planned revenge for covering the porch thieves into glitter and fart spray. Well, one might seek the reason behind this scientifically planned practical revenge. Having some packet being stolen from the porch of one’s house on daily basis is definitely an obdurate and wrong kind of practice. This happens a lot during Christmas times when the loved ones are trying to mail gifts to their friends and family. 

This engineer was experiencing a constant daily theft of his mail packages right through his porch

The engineer Mark Rober had been facing this problem of package theft. Rober decided to plan something technical in nature to make the thieves learn some historic lesson. He planned, executed and filmed the thieves. The video of the practical revenge was later uploaded on the YouTube on his channel. It became viral because no one was expecting or anticipating such a revenge.

The project revenge includes a GPS tracker. This would help Mark know when the package is moved. As soon as the thief opens the package, a custom-built spinning tub flings ridiculously to spread glitter in every direction, a good usage of the mechanism. A few seconds later, after some gap comes the huge fart spray. Above everything, the whole thing is being filmed and uploaded online. Mark definitely came up with an idea which was both practical and perfect. The entire package was so planned to make the thieves feel a little asinine and silly.

Definitely this isn’t something to be tried at home, however one can praise the ingenuity of Mark.

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