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Fairy level technology turns screws in wood using magnetic drill

I remember in the past movies being released with magical tools and plots. Every time a fantasy gives rise to future and the actual future gives realism to that fantasy. Scientists get an idea and then they try to turn that idea into practical application through Research and Development. Today, we owe a lot to the science for the facilities. 

A new technology is getting viral which turns screw inside anything through magnetism. One doesn’t need to physically access the screws using a screwdriver to turn them around. The screws can be inside anything but technically not the ferrous materials. Ferrous materials will themselves get magnetic and may cause hindrance in the rotation of the screw. However, plastic and wooden materials can be fastened without screws being visible on the outside through this magnetic screwdriver.

You can watch the above video about how moving magnetic drill on the outside of two wood pieces ties them through screws. This means one can fasten any wooden or plastic pieces through hidden screws inside, then this magnetic drill can be used to tighten those hidden screws. This brings in a new era of aesthetics.

Scientifically I couldn’t get more information about this particular magnetic drill variant. I think that plastic square, which was moved on the union of two pieces with screws below, was provided with alternating flux. The flux was changing its nature every second with a specific frequency which helped in the rotation of screws through a 360 degrees angle.

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