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10 Mind Blowing and Interesting Facts about Finland

Written by Awais Ahmad

Finland is a beautiful sovereign state in Northern Europe. The population of Finland is about five and a half million, and is roughly the same for past two decades. There is more to it than you think. Here are some interesting facts about Finland.

Facts about Finland

1) Saunas

Who doesn’t enjoy sometime in a sauna, well it goes way back in finish tradition. You will be surprised to know 2.2 million saunas in Finland. The society actually believe that they are in 3.2 million in number in population of 5.5 million. Shockingly enough, that is one every household. This place is considered as a relaxing spot for friends, family and acquaintances. Now that is a real way to socialize. Read this article on Wikipedia, it has some amazing facts about it.


2) Headlights On

This is quite interesting, there is a requirement by law that you need to keep the headlights of your vehicle on all the time while driving. The roads of Finland are beautiful and clear, however it helps people to see if there is something far a head on the road. Here is an article regarding driving in Finland.


3) Lakes in Finland

There 180,000 lakes in Finland. That is a huge number for a small area. These lakes are spread throughout the country and they add to the beauty of the country. One of the countless reasons why Finland is such an attraction for the tourists. Here is a Wikipedia article about it. Facts about Finland

4) Century In Age

Finland became independent in the last month of 1917. Before that it was either part of Russia or Sweden. But the governmental bodies were developed way back 1809. Go to this article for all the information regarding the declaration of independence by Finland.


5) Payphones

Pay phones are seen everywhere in United States and may other countries but surprisingly enough there is not even a single payphone in Finland. They are convenient in many cases when you don’t have your cellphone. But they have decided to abandon pay-phones. You will be very lucky if you spot a payphone in Finland. The reason maybe that there are more phones in Finland than the entire number of people in Finland, yes more than 5 million mobile phones.


6) Cents

If you go up to the shopkeeper and hand him one or two cent(s) in Finland, he will decline because the law does not permit to transit in such amount. There numbers are rounded up as per need. You will find everything in this article that you need to know about one and two cent(s) dealing in Finland.


7) Inventions

Finland or you can say its people have contributed well-enough to the world by inventing Linux operating system, Angry Birds (Game), Molotov cocktail and the sauna. I am personally thankful to this land for introducing such an amazing cocktail to this world, it is my top favourite.


8) Coffee Drinkers

Finish people top the people of all the countries in drinking coffee. According to a report each person in Finland drink up to 12 kg of coffee each year, that is one kg per month.


9) Cleverly Inventive and Resourceful

Finnish people are the most resourceful and inventive people in the world according to a report.


10) Least Corrupt

According to World Audit study Finland is the most democratic nation in the world, which means that everyone has all the perks a person can enjoy in an ideal democratic society. The same report suggests that it is the least corrupt country in the world.


Conclusion about the Facts about Finland

These Facts about Finland make this country unique in nature, these facts about Finland suggest the people over there enjoy a better life than most of the countries are hoping to achieve and these facts about Finland also shows that how they are making a world better place, not only for themselves but for the rest of the world, that includes there innovations and by showing a perfect demonstration of how the way of life should be.

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