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Facebook’s new ‘Unsend Message’ feature will help you delete sent message

Written by Logical Men

The future is here and Facebook has finally announced a new feature which can save million of lives. This new feature helps people delete a sent message through Facebook Messenger. Gone are the days when one would send a message mistakenly and later repent on it. Facebook now gives a time frame of 10 minutes to delete the message. According to Unilad, 7 minutes are offered by Whatsapp to delete a sent message.

This new update was announced by Facebook recently. This update is available in the messaging app. Any risky message sent by mistake can be deleted within 10 minutes. However, people are complaining that if a person is drunk then he can’t get sober within 10 minutes. This means that people are demanding that the time to delete the sent message must be in hours.

Well, 10 minutes is also a good time window. Someone who has mistakenly tapped an image to be sent in the inbox can now delete it without panicking. Also, a typed message often gets sent with mistake which is needed to be deleted. This is going to save a lot of relationships because this will help people delete unwanted messages.

So, now one should not worry if he has sent a message by mistake to his boss. He can delete that immediately without worrying for consequence. But if the boss is online and he is quick to read the messages then one is out of luck as he can’t do anything.

This new feature had been announced since April but it was finally released a few days back for public consumption. During testing this functionality first appeared in October. People feel happy that now they can unsend message. The ‘Unsend Message’ feature is available on the same screen where ‘Delete Message’ was available. The Verge has shared a nice demonstration as follows:

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