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Facebook Founder Mark’s New AI Project – Jarvis helps him control his home

Written by Wamiq Ali

Everyone has different new year resolutions. Ever wondered? What are the resolutions of world’s most successful people in their respective fields? Obviously, success means different from different people. Well, here we are talking about Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg. Mark’s new goal for year 2016 was to build an Iron Man inspired Jarvis like AI system. At first when he discussed the idea he was talking about controlling his basic home features and adding details to his day to day work. Now, at the end of the year he revealed a video where he can be seen playing around with Jarvis. The voice which he used for this particular Jarvis AI client seems to be of Morgan Freeman. If I am not that bad with movies, I hope I am correct. Let’s leave this debates to you so that you’ve something to comment.

Credits: Facebook/DevianArt

Man! What’s up with this image. Oh, this is pretty cool, some folks at devian art made this iron man sketch. The behind picture is of Mark while using his Jarvis AI App on his smartphone. Well, we combined the both to make it look fabulous, with a little self-praise of our beloved “TalkOfWeb”.

Alright, let’s leave other things of fun behind, I’m gonna make you see a wonderful video of mark using Jarvis in his home. Also, I’m gonna tell you right after that the efforts involved and featured evolved.

Mark’s New Jarvis – Artifical Intelligence use which you can expect from Facebook Founder:

If you watch the video below which is definitely hosted on Facebook marks official profile, then you’ll understand the awesomeness which is hidden inside this Jarvis. Real world Jarvis! also I’m so excited to blog about this update.

Temperature Facility – When Mark wakes up in the video, Jarvis in the obvious voice of Morgan Freeman makes the announcement of the room temperature. An absurd value is written in the image which we just created with photoshop, eeh just to gain your attention. The said value in video is different. Alright, ignore my horrid puns.

A Year of Coding – The description of video says “It’s a work of year of coding” not an easy job man! I can relate to it being a developer myself.

Fresh Shirt / BreakFast – Jarvis also helps mark get ready in the morning, whether it’s about a fresh shirt or it’s about crumbs of toasts being made in Toast Maker.

Recognising People on Gate – Mark says that the best thing about Jarvis is that it recognises people on the gate and allows them in while announcing inside that “This particular person is visiting you!” how cool is this, no? His dad visited him in the video and the thing is his dad also loves puns. Just like me he called Jarvis as Jeffery, oh! okay I didn’t made the mistake. 

Setting up Conference Calls – Jarvis also can help mark setup a conference call and remind him that his certain meeting is due. 

Playing with his Dog and Kid – Jarvis also plays with his dog and kid. Mandarin a language which Mark learned recently, the Jarvis also knows Mandarin. It speaks with Max in Mandarin. Max being his daughter’s name.

Playing Favourite Music – Marks asks the Jarvis to play his favourite music and it plays something which kids might love. Why? because Mark is a dad now, and this is all he loves now! Kids Music! Because he loves his daughter.

Turning off Lights – AI Jarvis can turn off home lights and can turn on as well. Entertainment is one thing too, it helps him adjust lights for movie time. Mark asks in the video to leave comments and in those comments give ideas for Jarvis, things which you’d love Jarvis to do!

Our Analysis of Jarvis:

Definitely this is something good but being an undergrad technology student I can tell you that this invovles lots of other third party equipments. Say this scenario of turning off lights:

  • Mark speaks to his smartphone to turn off lights. Some voice recognition service is being used which converts the voice command into the string of language used.
  • The string is then identified and some communication interface is used to send the command to the lights. May be Wi-Fi?
  • Then there is a mechanism attached to lights circuitory which understands the string command interpreted as “Power Off” and thus this break off circuit kills the lights. In return it sends the response of 1 as success.

So, every thing is being done in the similar pattern, this is my analysis. Thus, third party communication interface and circuitory is most important.

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