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ExxonMobil, Oil and Gas giant misled public about risks of climate change, says a Harvard Study!

A Havard study confirms some discrepancy between what ExxonMobil advertised and their internal reports related to the climate change. The reports presented by the Oil and Gas giant to the public were different than their internal reports.Harvard University analysts concluded that the giant misled the public about the risks posed by environmental change created by humans. 

Harvard University analysts concluded that the giant misled the public about the risks posed by environmental change created by humans. Academics have concluded these results based on a huge difference between the public and private announcements of the ExxonMobil.

US Secretary of state ran ExxonMobil for 10 years, he used a fake name Wayne Tracker to discuss climate change, also he has told American Diplomats to dodge questions about the US withdrawal from Paris Agreement.

ExxonMobile’s scientists and senior executive largely accepted the consensus that the global warming is real and poses threat to the human race. It also spends a lot of money on regular advertisements in The New York Times and other newspapers, these advertisements are sometimes meant to cast some doubt on the scientific findings.

In 1979, an internal investigation was carried out and published. The findings were documented and it included that burning fossil fuel would warm the earth surface significantly till 2050.

Later in 2008, firm insisted that reduction in emissions should not connect directly to the greenhouse gas emission from oil and natural gas industry.

Havard study concludes that it seems like ExxonMobil tried to convince its investors that it’s business doesn’t pose any threat to the future and common people.

Attorney Generals are currently investigating the company to find any breach of consumer and investor laws.

Professor Naomi Oreskes and Dr. Geoffrey Supran state in their environmental research journal that the available documents show a discrepancy between what ExxonMobile’s scientists & executives discussed privately and publicly. The internal reports indicate that the environmental problem is real and is solvable but on the other hand the advertisements and large publishments actually give some uncertainty on the problem.

So, the study concluded that the ExxonMobil actually mislead the consumers and investors.

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