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Extreme military inspired off-road camper is perfect for the apocalypse

Written by Wamiq Ali

This perfect camper is made by the Australian brothers, Toby and Dan Bosschieter. This mobile camper more gives the look of a military bunker which can survive the apocalypse. It’s a mobile house which can serve the purpose of long trips quite accurately.

EXP-6, they call it, is a rough terrain camper that is made just like a military tank.

The updated technology of the exterior body helps the entire towing practice a fun part of this camper. The luxury is the most important part of a camper. This camper has Four Corner Independent Air suspension system which means a more stable chassis and more added comfort for the passengers.

The suspensions of EXP-6

The interior lights of the camper can be controlled by a smartphone. Most of the times there can be dark and to enter the camper and trying to find the light switches can be an issue, that’s why the synchronised mobile application can help you control a lot of interior aspects right from the outside of the camper.

The camper has a total length of 6700mm and a weight of 1880kg. It has a width of about 1920mm. The good part is that it can look to be quite heavy and tough but in reality, its weight is quite lesser as compared to the strength of its structure. The exterior is made out of German composite material which offers stability and long life.

The company named Bruder is currently shipping this amazing product to Russia, USA, UAE and basically to entire world including the Europe. They say that it can be used in military and for commercial purposes.

I’m sure you will not leave our website before watching the entire review video of this amazing product. Do watch the video below after pressing the play button! EXP-6 in action!

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