Experts claim Beluga whale filmed harassing boats could be military grade Russian tamed agents

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Fishermen in the Norwegian sea started to raise alarms when they faced beluga whales harassing them in the open waters. The feeling of suspicion was taken to a whole new level when these fishermen witnessed a unique strap around the necks of the whales. The news garnered the interest of the marine experts, upon investigation the experts believed that these whales might be trained by Russia for the sake of their benefit.

Fishermen were boarding their boats near the small Norwegian fishing village when they came across these strange whales. The unusual thing was their straps. These whales began to harras their boats. In this regard, The Guardian interviewed fisherman Joar Hesten. He told them that when he along with his fellow fishermen were putting out their nets in the water, for the sake of catching the fish, they came across a beluga whale swimming between their boats. He further added that the whale approached them and upon more in-depth examination, they witnessed a strange harness on it.

The whale also exhibited strange behaviour, and it was actively trying to pull straps and ropes of the boats. The tight harness seemed to be befitting for a camera or a weapon. After these reports, the animal experts claimed that the whales might have been a military grade agent trained by the Russians. The harness was removed from the whales. Upon further investigation, it was found that inside the harness were the words, “Equipment of St. Petersburg.” The fishermen claimed that the behaviour of the whales was pretty tamed and it appeared that those were used to the humans.

A professor who teaches marine biology at the Arctic University of Norway commented that everyone knew Russia was keeping whales in its captivity. He said that hey contacted Russian experts in this regard and they told him that they had nothing to do with it. Russia has recently released some whales in the captivity, and the first response of such released whales is to swim in the open water.

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