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Expert claims that before changing diapers the parents should seek permission

Navigating Parenting Challenges: The Unconventional Call for Consent

Parenting, a journey replete with joys and challenges, takes an unexpected turn as Deanne Carson, a self-proclaimed relationships educator, speaker, and author, suggests an unconventional approach. According to Carson, parents should seek permission from their babies before changing their diapers, aiming to instill a culture of consent right from infancy.

The Reality of Dirty Diapers: A Necessary Yet Unpleasant Task

Parenting inevitably involves confronting the less glamorous aspects, and one such reality is the constant cycle of dirty diapers. Carson’s suggestion, made during an appearance on ABC in 2018, has ignited a conversation about the importance of consent culture, even in the early stages of childhood.

Fostering Consent from Day One: Carson’s Philosophy

While acknowledging the obvious fact that newborns cannot communicate verbally, Carson emphasizes the significance of non-verbal cues, particularly eye contact, in conveying the message that a child’s response matters. Her approach challenges the traditional notion that consent discussions only apply to older children, advocating for the introduction of these concepts from birth.