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Expert breaks down about how bad Taylor Swift’s private jet emissions are

High-Flying Controversy for the ‘Blank Space’ Songstress

In the glittering world of Taylor Swift, where every move is scrutinized, the pop sensation’s use of private jets has become a topic of heated discussion. As the ‘Blank Space’ singer faces criticism for her frequent flights to support her beau, Travis Kelce, an expert in carbon footprint measurement steps into the fray, shedding light on the environmental impact of Swift’s jet-setting lifestyle.

The Instagram Revelation: Swift’s Carbon Conundrum

The controversy surrounding Taylor Swift’s carbon footprint took flight when the Instagram account ‘Taylor Swifts Jets’ claimed that the singer-songwriter generated a staggering 138 tons of CO2 in three months. This revelation unfolded during Swift’s Eras Tour, where she globetrotted between performances and NFL games, using an estimated 12,622 gallons of jet fuel valued at a whopping $70,779.

Swift’s Defense: Carbon Credits and Excess Offsetting

In response to the allegations, Swift’s representative clarified to UNILAD that the songstress had preemptively purchased double the necessary carbon credits to offset her tour-related travels. The excess credits were said to cover the additional emissions incurred due to her spontaneous trips in support of Kelce, despite plans for a meticulously planned tour.

Changing Trajectory: Swift’s Evolving Emissions

Despite Swift parting ways with one of her planes amid the backlash, the estimates of her CO2 emissions seem to have risen. Austin Whitman, CEO of The Change Climate Project, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating carbon emissions, disclosed to Vice that the most recent estimates suggest Swift’s annual emissions now range from 8,000 to 10,000 tonnes of CO2.

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