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Ex Wife’s boyfriend goes berserk when father comes to pick up his kids

Having kids is a great responsibility, I know this sentence gets thrown around and has pretty much lost its weight. But if you take into the consideration the kind of changes being a parent can bring in one’s life, you will be astonished. One has to consider every single possibility from their birth and onwards, one should also be prepared if things go sideways.

Not all relations or marriages are meant to last forever, some even end up in heartbreak after decades. The reason for mentioning this is this crazy video that went viral last night.

Apparently, a father was at ex-wife’s place to pick up his daughter, when this crazy dude showed up threatening him.

It is evident that he was his ex’s boyfriend who was trying to be macho. He was cursing and looking for trouble, but the father was not having any of it. He decided to make a video as an evidence of his disgusting behavior.

This garbage-person was cursing in front of children showing no respect. He was looking to get into the fight, this happens a lot in this kind of situations.

He also ignorantly said that the recording will not be admissible in the court and the father was just a weak human for not standing up for himself. By the looks of it, the wannabe-macho was the one that seemed mentally challenged and weak.

Kudos to the guy for remaining calm in the situation and taking her daughter away without any trouble.

But I feel for the man, because his daughter has to share a house with such person, who has no regard for anything.

I hope the father files for the full custody and this video can be shown as an evidence of what kind of toxic person the boyfriend actually is, and what kind of hostile environment his daughter has to live in.

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