Ex US intelligence caught for spying against US for China – treachery against country!

An ex U.S. intelligence official appeared before the court and where charged with attempted espionage for trying to state sell secrets to the People’s Republic of China, according to an announcement by the Justice Department on Monday.

A 41-page-long felony complaint was brought against him, prosecutors claimed Ron Rockwell Hansen, 58, who is a resident of Syracuse, Utah was paid up to $800K over a timespan which extended to several years for sharing technology and information about the United States’ military and intelligence secret matters.

He previously worked in the U.S. government and few years he left his government job, he allegedly attended trade conferences several times on behalf of the Chinese nation and shared critical information, which he was able to collect, with officials connected to Chinese intelligence. According to the complaint he was also alleged to have transfer top-secret forensic software to the Chinese which is worth in thousands of dollars, which is a violation of export controls.

Upon a successful conviction, he is facing a life in prison. On the charging documents, there was no attorney listed for Hansen, there wasn’t even a phone number which was publicly listed. Hansen was employed by the United States’ Army for more than 20-years, during that period of time he also worked with the Defence Intelligence Agency.

He then began working at two digital forensics companies but repeatedly found work with the government, according to the charge sheet. Among many other offers, he, in fact, tried to work as a double agent against Chinese intelligence.

He was under FBI radar in 2014. He was unaware of the investigation he approached FBI the next years and told them that he was offered 300K by Chinese intelligence yearly for information from U.S conference and exhibition. He also told the FBI in 2016, that he was working as a consultant for Chinese Ministry of State Security.

The prosecution stated that he plotted this year to sell United States plans ‘regarding potential military intervention with China,’ and met for about two hours near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport over the weekend. He was taken into custody on Saturday when he was getting to the airport to board the flight to China.

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