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Ex-girlfriend going crazy, tried to hit dude with her car and smashed his house windows and car

Written by Wamiq Ali

I’ve seen a lot of internet videos but this video goes to another level. A crazy ex-girlfriend can be seen yelling at the guy and smashing his car and house windows. She even tried to hit the guy with her car. The guy in the video said that the girl had tried to drag him in the court.

Scratched car and Broken window

She scratched the dude’s car and then took something out of her car to break the house windows. After that, she left the place but again came back just to smash dude’s car with her own SUV. She broke the rare bumper of the car. The dude came out to check out the car and at that moment the ex-girlfriend tried to run over him with her car. She then started to yell at him. The dude kept on recording video while getting inside his home just to avoid any harassment charges.

I think this video was insane. First of all, matters can be talked out towards solution. Nothing of extreme nature has ever helped people to get a  solution. One of the two persons might be at fault which resists the elimination of the problem. Clearly, the video shows that the girl has some temperament issues.

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