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Eva Mendes explains her stay-at-home status after marrying Ryan Gosling

While Mendes clarified that she still maintains a career, she explained that she shifted her focus away from acting after “The Place Beyond the Pines.” Acting, with its demands of travel and time away from home, didn’t align with her priorities as a mother. Instead, she chose to work in ways that allowed her to be more present for her family.

Mendes didn’t shy away from expressing admiration for Gosling’s work ethic and talent. She praised his commitment to his craft and highlighted his recent performance at the 2024 Oscars, where he sang his song from the “Barbie” movie, “I’m Just Ken.” Mendes humorously recounted her Instagram post from that evening, jokingly urging Gosling to “come home” and “put the kids to bed” after his stellar performance.

Throughout the interview, Mendes spoke fondly of her partnership with Gosling, acknowledging the challenges and joys of balancing their careers with parenthood. Their story serves as a reminder of the importance of communication, compromise, and mutual support in navigating the complexities of family life in the spotlight.

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