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European leader declines invitation to ‘state banquet’ for Donald Trump, says he wouldn’t honour American President

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Jeremy Corbyn has said that he would not be attending the state dinner which would be arranged in the honour of President’s Trump visit to the Europe during summer of this year. Jeremy Corbyn is a famous Labour party leader in UK who openly opposed the policies of Trump. Therefore, he rejected an invitation which was sent to him by the UK government for asking him to attend the state dinner for Trump. The visit of Trump is planned to happen in the month of June.

The dinner would be hosted by the Queen. Trump had accepted the invitation to visit UK after quite a time, since the visit was planned quite long ago. When the Labour leader was asked to explain the reason behind his rejection he told the media that he didn’t agree to the policies of Trump. Corbyn targeted the stance of Trump regarding the climate change and international treaties. He pointed out that Trump was the president who reneged on various promises made with the international community.

Theresa May should not be rolling out the red carpet for a state visit to honour a president who rips up vital international treaties, backs climate change denial and uses racist and misogynist rhetoric. (explained Corbyn)

Corbyn asserted that maintaining good relations with the people of America didn’t need their president to visit Europe. According to him, the invitation forwarded by the UK Prime Minister was an absurd idea. Along with Corbyn, there are other leaders who also rejected the invitation to attend the state dinner. These leaders include Commons Speaker, John Bercow, and the Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable.

The White House has confirmed that during the visit, President Trump would meet the Queen and would also hold talks with May. This might also include a Trump address to the member of UK parliaments. However, this address is not yet confirmed.

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