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EU may force iPhone to switch from Lightening to USB

There must be many iPhone users among the fans. The Apple has reportedly grown up as a company which is a good news for countries with capitalist economic affairs. Apple has reported around $1 trillion in the value of its company. This amount has made it surpass the other companies. A meme started floating on the internet after the initial news of the Apple crossing $1 trillion in marketing value. The meme stated that the apple charging cables break which is the mere reason of the increase in profits. Since those broken cables can’t be repaired thus consumers occasionally buy new cables.

Apple had introduced the lightning adapter for sake of charging and data transfers in iPhones. However, EU regulators are thinking to force a common standard for all the charging ports. The idea is linked with the cut down of 51,000 tons of old charges thrown every year. The wires are weighted along with the charges once those are to be thrown away.
In 2009, EU had forced all the mobile companies to use a common port but Apple escaped the rule by introducing adapters that allow micro USB cables to fit in its proprietary ports. This didn’t satisfy the EU Commissioner of Competition. Thus, after the unsatisfactory results of the law imposition, the commission will conduct an impact assessment study to gauge the benefits of adopting other options for a shared standard.

Eu wants to cut down the waste material which piles around every year. The most compelling options which are apparent at the moment is to force Apple to switch to USB ports. Apple is surely going to listen to the reservations of the EU. EU has already imposed a $5 billion fine against Google.

However, because of its prestige, Apple is going to hold on for as long as it can. They will not be quick enough to replace the port for sake of some pressure handling. The very reason Apple is not changing the design of USB-C to common USB is that Apple collects licensing fees. The manufacturer pays a licensing fee to create these accessories.

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