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Entire hens party is killed in horrific plane crash

Written by Wamiq Ali

A bride and her entire hens party attended a Bachelorette party in Dubai and now they have been killed after the private plane crash landed on the return. The bride named Mina Basaran who was nearly 28 years old had went to Dubai in order to celebrate her impending marriage to Murat Gezer, on her return the plane burst into flames and crashed in the south of Pawan on Sunday.

According to the reports, the 11 passengers and the entire crew member on flight from Sharjah to Istanbul were killed owing to the horrific accident. After the plane had crashed the local villages discovered the wreckage and soon it was made known to the Iran’s emergency management organisation. The organisation found badly burnt bodies and no survivors after the crash.

They will surely have to conduct the DNA tests in order to identify the people on board. The people feel really sad over this accident and just one day before it happened, Miss Basran had posted a picture along with her bridesmaid celebrating the ill-fated hens trip. Miss Basran can be seen in the pictures wearing a white dressing down and she indeed looked happy. She was holding a bouquet of flowers and wore a denim jacket with written words of ‘Mrs Bride’ and ‘better together’ on it. She was also pictured inside the plane and she could be seen carrying a string of love heart-shaped balloons. She had spent a last few days in the United Arab Emirates with 7 of her closest friends and now none of them is alive.

This trip was an actual farewell party which was given by her friends as a bid to her marriage. Soon she also was about to take over her father’s business, Basaran and investment Holdings. The business is active in the energy, construction and tourism sectors. What a loss!

Posing before the plane

Sharjah Civil Aviation Department said that the plane did not apply for the maintenance procedures when it was on the ground at the airport. When the plane was returning it took off at 17:16 and disappeared from the radar screen at 15:30 GMT.

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