England Fan Travels 2000 miles to Russia Only to Realise He Forgot his Ticket Back Home!

A very unlucky England soccer lover covered thousands of miles to the current World Cup which is being held in Russia – he was left in shock when he found out that he left his game ticket at home, due to which he missed England’s huge win, which had left the fan in utter joy.

Douglas Moreton is currently present in Nizhny Novgorod, Western Russia where he wanted to watch the England v Panama match – but he could not because the poor fellow left the game ticket in his drawer back at his home in England.

Devastated Douglas made an appeal to any fellow who might be able to help by giving him a ticket, if they have a spare. He was approached by a news reporter who was present in the exact hotel as him at that time.

The reporter took pity on the poor supporter and shared a tweet on Twitter in the form of an appeal to his social media followers in an attempt that someone out there might be able to provide help.

Dan tweeted: ‘This is Douglas. He was at our hotel in Volgograd. We’ve just bumped into him in Nizhny Novgorod & he’s realized he’s left his match tickets in the drawer at home in Bristol. If anyone’s got a spare on let me know.’

Despite all the efforts, the second arranged ticket also could not help him watch the match, poor fellow.

But there was some hope at that time because the appeal worked and the media team was able to provide the reporter with a spare ticket. But sadly enough in an even more unlucky turn, the reporter was unable to catch Douglas at his hotel on time.

Douglas had traveled more than 2,000 miles to watch England’s World Cup glory – which saw a huge win 6-1. The reporter updated his followers in a sad tweet: ‘I’m afraid he only got back to his hotel 40 mins before kick off. Couldn’t get to the stadium in time to pick the ticket up.’

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