Enable Flash Player in Tor Browser On Mac

There are a lot of mac users which are also facing the same problem of using flash player in the tor browser bundle. I have posted a tutorial to enable flash player for the tor browser bundle which actually is for windows users. (Learn how to enable flash player in tor browser bundle on Windows) But to be very frank that will actually not fulfill the purpose of the anonymity and that’s the reason by default the tor browser bundles don’t offer any add on to be enabled in the portable browser which is actually mozilla’s modified portable tor browser. But if your only sole purpose is to play videos on the tor, then this method is safe and you can play your videos behind a college , work or office proxy.

Use Flash player on Tor in Mac OSX

Enable Flash player in the TOR browser bundle on Mac (Macbook Pro or Macbook Air):

You need to follow these steps, sometimes things get updated but the way is same, so you may need to exert some brain energy while doing the steps mentioned below, I can’t spoon feed you but I can guide you to achieve your purpose, if you still get confused then ask me in the comments.

  • Install Flash player on your Mac, you can get flash player’s latest version here: Download Flash Player
  • You will need to choose your Mac OS X version and then choose Flash player 11.

Choose Flash Player for Mac OS X

  • Just install flashplayer after that by running the setup after making the download complete.
  • Once you have completed the installation you need to open this path: Applications/Install Adobe Flash Flash Player.pkg/Contents/Library
  • From the Library folder you need to copy two files: 1) Flash Player.plugin.lzma 2) flashplayer.xpt (Note: if you are unable to find these files, then kindly make a search in the Resources folder, as mentioned in the path, and you will come across these two files eventually)
  • Now, paste these two copied files into the extension folder of the tor browser bundle for mac, which is normally like this: /Applications/ Support/Firefox/Profiles/profile/extensions , again if you don’t find the extensions folder, some quick search can help you out, the point is “Enabling flash player in the tor is not impossible.
  • Just re-launch your tor browser bundles and go to the addons page, you now need to enable flash player add on into the tor browser. (Sometimes you need to enable this addon everytime you launch tor portable browser bundle)

Enable Flash player in tor browser bundle mac osx

That’s it you are done. Ask me anything if you don’t get this.

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