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Employee told he couldn’t wear shorts to office, abides by wearing skirts

With temperatures rising to the record high in Britain this year, everyone is trying to reduce the heat. One way to cope with heat is by wearing shorts and half-sleeve shirts. One employee, did something similar, as he wore shorts to work he was told that he couldn’t wear shorts, and the employee abides by the warning by wearing woman dress i-e skirts.

20-year-old Joey Barge from UK got into trouble at work when he was told that he couldn’t wear shorts. He was only wearing shorts because of the heat. Later, he shared a picture of his navy shorts and asked his twitter followers that if women were allowed to wear skirts then what was the case with his shorts.

The man went to the Twitter to share his story. He opined that if women could wear skirts then he could wear skirts too, as wearing shorts wasn’t allowed in his office.

He told his story that he was sent home only to get his dress changed. He went back home and improvised the instructions from his office. He was angry because he thought that justice was not being served. He then opened the clothing policy of his employer regarding the female employees. He wore woman dress and shared his picture on Twitter, while he drove to work.

After the guy was sent home, he decided to check the policy of his employer regarding the women. He found that such dresses were allowed, therefore he wore a female dress and drove to his office.

However, the matter was not dragged any further. It appeared that the employer instead of sending him back home, this time decided to create an exception for the men because of the prevalent heat. The employer allowed its male employees to wear 3/4 length shorts.

They said it was a bit too colourful and asked if I wanted to go home and change because they were letting us wear shorts because of my ‘protest’ — but I said I was happy to stay,

When the employer noticed that the guy had followed the women dress code, the employer decided to allow shorts of 3.4th of length

Well, obviously a win? The guy was wise to raise the protest in the shape of wearing a female dress. Surprisingly, his protest got registered and the employ decided to pay heed to his demands.

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