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Employee saves child from a kidnapper, instead of promotion-reward gets this letter saying he’s fired

An employee helped the police save a child from getting kidnapped. Anyone in his place might expect a promotion but instead, this employee receives a letter which says, “You’re fired.” The guy lives in Portland, Oregon and he just lost his job for some strange and quite stupid reason.

Letter states, “You were employed by THE HOME DEPOT until June 19, 2017, when you were fired because you assisted the police in preventing a kidnapping. This was not a willful or wantonly negligent violation of the standards of behaviour an employer has the right to expect from an employee.

Dillon Reagan recently stopped a child from getting kidnapped by lending a hand to police. He was at work on 12 May 2017 when a co-worker told him about a woman getting attacked by a man in the parking lot. Reagon heard the woman scream so he thought to help her out, as he heard, “Somebody help me, he’s kidnapping my kid, he’s stealing my kid!

Reagon at that moment contacted Police who told him to keep the kidnapper in sight. Police advised Reagon to not engage with the kidnapper but to keep him in sight and make them know his updated location every moment.

Reagon is shown on the left with a pet in his hands. Reagon came back in the store after helping the Police and he got scolded for his actions. The store supervisor didn’t like the fact of an employee helping police in such a case. After 4 weeks, Reagon got fired.

Reagon had worked for the store for around 4 years and he never expected something like this will happen to him for doing something good.

Reagon went to Facebook and posted about what just had happened and accused Home Depot of their wrong doing in this matter.

People are Facebook started to respond to him with all the love and passion. He started to get support from all around the globe.

What happened with Reagon is totally not acceptable and he must be compensated for the act which he did to save the child rather than losing his job.

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