Employed Dude feels bad about friend getting a job, says “He feels worthless over other’s success”

Written by Wamiq Ali

This dude is employed but feels bad & worthless about his friend getting employed at a church. First, he accuses him of not being religious and then comes right on point about getting jealous. Well, one should stay away from such toxic people.

A dude messages his friend to initiate some conversation through regular text messages. The friend on the other side of messages couldn’t reply him on time. He was busy attending his first day at work. He got hired in a church as “Office Administrator”. The first dude who had sent the message couldn’t digest the fact of his friend getting hired as an office administrator. He told him that only religious person can actually get a job in church and his friend got offended on the argument.

Dude basically turned rude and told his friend that it wasn’t the right kind of job. Then he started to justify his job and declared not being unemployed. The angry friend got surprised of him quickly bringing in the employment topic. The friend told him that he never meant to ask about his job or employment. The dude replied, “Then why were you telling me about your job, how the hell would it feel to me?” 

The amused friend got angry again telling him that if he expected to listen to an apology for getting a job then that’s stupid.

So basically the success of other people made the dude feel worthless and that’s too shitty feeling to have because one can’t grow if he clings to other people’s stuff. The same applies to mere thoughts too, one should work to make its way towards success rather than only thinking about doing something and ending up doing nothing.

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