Emma Watson walked off the set after getting disgusted of this scene

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Emma Watson was trying to diversify her roles back in 2011. Therefore, she was trying to find new scripts and movies. Later in the year 2013, she signed up for the film ‘This is The End.’ The film crew had to shoot a scene towards the climax of ‘This is The End.’ Emma Watson had to act with Channing Tatum for this particular shot. Channing Tatum featured a naughty look as he wore a thong. Everyone knows that Watson always tried to maintain a decent character in front of the film industry fans.

Initially, Watson was supposed to work in the scene with thong-clad Tatum. However, after some time when she faced Tatum, she felt uncomfortable. Resultantly, Watson left the set. She felt disgusted and therefore, she changed her mind.

Sarthak Raj Baral from Quora explained the situation as described by an extra who was present on the set, that day. Mr Baral wrote that everyone knew the past of Tatum. He used to be a stripper. Acting in thongs was not something new for him. Watson knew all this; therefore, she came to the set and appeared a little freaked. As she felt uncomfortable, she left the set. She walked down to the street.

Next day, the directors and producers of the show realised that Emma had left the shooting because the scene was too raunchy. She also felt uncomfortable because Tatum was drinking while shooting. He was also into weed. James Franco corroborated the same story of Watson leaving the set. He had told this story in an interview without mentioning the name of the actress involved.

Watson successfully carried her image of Hollywood’s good girl. She has given different successful movies and stood her ground despite all the difficulties.

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