Emirates flight attendant caught pouring champagne from the glass back into bottle

Written by Wamiq Ali

A passenger of Emirates accidentally recorded a flight attendant pouring a drink from a glass into the bottle. He got shocked when he played back the video, thus posting it on the internet.

The video first appeared on the Instagram and shortly after that it got mirrored onto other viral websites. I think this would attract those readers who think that Emirates is far better than the Etihad. I have seen people get into a conversation trying to win the arguments. Just like iPhone vs Android, the flight companies argument is also another thing.

United, Delta and other western airlines often advertise Emirates as a drunk sailor which spends a lot of money on its own product. It must be quite a moment for these airlines to watch something like this on an Emirates plane.

However, the uploader later made it clear that the champagne poured back was rather unused. Now, if they are trying to save some champagne wastage then it’s a good practice. We are not aware if this is a norm for Emirates to follow. Some people might not like the practice of pouring unused champagne back into the bottle while the other group might take this as a positive practice. 

A still from the uploaded video

The uploader said that it was an accidental video and he had no clue of this happening. However, was the view of Emirates logo also accidental? When the camera got rolled towards the window…I’ll leave that on you!


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Caption of Video: Accidentally fell into the frame, did not even notice at first … Drain the champagne that was not drunk back into the bottle Or this is the norm.

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