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Eminem just got a huge $600,000 check for ‘doing nothing’ while fighting against a political party

Written by Wamiq Ali

A lot of people were against Eminem when he decided to fight against a political party. Those people said that it was a lost cause and wasn’t going to yield any output. Eminem on the other hand was quite hopeful and determined about the outcome. Yes here we are talking about Eminem’s recent lawsuit win against a political party.

Normal numbers and stats don’t suit Eminem and he just proved it. This time the popular rap star got awarded with quite a huge sum of money. There are quite a few artist in Hollywood who are recognised worldwide for their acting skills or talent. Eminem is definitely a worldwide wide star as people all around the globe know him. Eminem’s recent rap against the American president Trump also got a lot of hits. No doubt Eminem has quite a lot of distinctive tracks and his most famous rap songs have got a quite a lot of hits on YouTube.

Eminem hitting large numbers and his determination has actually brought him this dollar 0.6 million check. It was the court in New Zealand which gave the verdict that the popular rap star should receive this massive amount as damages. New Zealand court has ruled on a copyright infringement by the governing party of the time.

According to The Guardian, Eminem had filed this lawsuit against the governing party of the time in New Zealand in September 2014 and the case was being fought for the last 3 years. Not for a single time Eminem gave up the hope of winning this lawsuit. The suit was filed on the political party campaign song which had a striking resemblance to the track Lose Yourself. You can watch the video below:

The Court ruled that political party campaign song had a striking resemblance with the Eminem’s track Lose Yourself. Eminem Lose Yourself was quite distinctive in nature but the song which political party campaign used wasn’t original. ‘Eminem Esque’ was the name of the song used in the political party campaign in New Zealand.

The advertisement of the political party was broadcasted on the television quite a lot number of times around the year 2014. It is worth mentioning that the Eminem song Lose Yourself was an academy award winner in the year 2003. The decision and the fight of Eminem against this political party is a message for music producers all around the globe that the original music must always be supported rather than copying.

Eminem has once again proved his determination and it gives us a message that we should never give up no matter how the circumstances appear to be.

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