Emilia Clarke laughs uncontrollably as Mascot drops coffee cup and bends the knee

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Emilia Clarke is the woman who is the name of courage and hard work. As everyone knows, she plays a critical role in the famous HBO show, Game of Thrones. In the show, she is known as the Khalesi and Queen of Seven Kingdoms. The position requires hard work and practice. With every passing season, Emilia Clarke is becoming more famous; the fans have fallen in love with her personality and character.

The show, Game of Thrones, has entered into its final season. It’s based on magic, dragons and warriors. Almost everything about the show is mythical. Season 8 of the show is much hyped, as it has a moment of dnoument, something for which the fans waited for long – The Long Night. Emilia Clarke in this season has flown to the North to help Jon Snow.

In one of the last episodes, there was a coffee cup shown; it became a laughing stock for the audience. The cup was branded with the Starbucks logo, and the fans couldn’t expect that a show which featured – the age of heroes, thousands of years ago as compared to the present – can show a Starbucks coffee cup on the table. The cup was seen when Jon Snow and Queen Daenerys had won the war against a common enemy.

9Gag featured another happy moment which was related to the Starbucks coffee cup. A Mascot dropped his cup of coffee and bent the knee before Emilia Clarke; she was present there to watch the game between Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets. The video went viral, as it shows a shocked mascot dropping his cup of coffee after he witnessed the Queen of Seven Kingdoms sitting in the usual crowd.

Emilia felt delighted after witnessing the response of the mascot. All the cameras started to focus on her, and she was instantly shown on the big screen of the stadium.

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