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Elon Musk finishes world’s biggest battery in less than 100 days

Written by Wamiq Ali

Elon Musk is not the type of guy who says stuff which he doesn’t mean to complete. So far he has proved himself to be a man of word. The guy has successfully made and launched the world’s biggest battery which he did with a condition. The challenge was accepted by Tesla as a way to end the energy crisis in South Australia.

The Tesla’s executive Lyndon Rive told the Australian government that they could install batteries to help reduce power shortage. However, Australian government took it as a joke as every new person thinks about some innovation. Elon, on the other hand, is quite serious with company image, so he decided to take it as a challenge and actually deliver the project.

Elon was so serious about completing the project within hundred days that he announced to take not a single penny if his company failed to complete the project within the ambit of the declared timeline.

The grid which Tesla designed can back up around 30k homes. The power which backs up these power packs come from wind and solar. At moment there are certain tests which are needed to be conducted in order to declare the batteries meeting all the regulatory requirements.

In a statement, South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill told media, “While others are just talking, we are delivering our energy plan, making South Australia more self-sufficient, and providing back up power and more affordable energy for South Australians this summer. The world’s largest lithium ion battery will be an important part of our energy mix, and it sends the clearest message that South Australia will be a leader renewable energy with battery storage. An enormous amount of work has gone in to delivering this project in such a short time, and I look forward to visiting Jamestown next week to personally thank those who have worked on this project.

These batteries will provide power to the grid station when the usage will be high from the customer’s side. The entire battery cost is about $50 million.

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