Ellen puts audience member on blast after hidden cameras catch that ‘female thug’ stealing

Ever encountered a situation where you had a limit to pick one object but you decided to pick two? Ellen show had such a freedom of picking one thing for free. A stall was installed in the Ellen show where the women were given freedom to pick one thing for free, as there were p-caps and other things.

Unfortunate for the thief that hidden cameras were installed just above the stall. A woman came and picked up two things instead of one, as labelled on the stall. The hidden cameras captured a video of her stealing from the stall and then Ellen put her on blast during her next show. The woman was sitting in the audience when Ellen started roasting.

Ellen tested her audience member’s honesty with a hidden camera but unfortunately, some couldn’t pass the test. When the woman was asked about the theft, she replied that she picked up that extra stuff for her sister. Ellen replied ironically that a lot of other women also picked up two things because they loved their sisters.

The woman who picked up double than labelled

Ignore everything and just watch the video and see how awesomely Ellen handled the situation.

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