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Elementary school in Georgia accused of discrimination over hairstyle guidelines display

Narvie J. Harris Theme School came under a media trial when Danay Helena, a hairstylist, share a snap of the ‘Hairstyle Guidelines display’ pasted on the wall of the school which was intended to delineate allowed and disallowed hairstyles for the students. The display was called as a discrimination against the American kids having an African background. The display was removed on Thursday when the Facebook post of Danay Helena condemning the display went viral. Since then, The NewYork Times and CNN have covered the news.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Danay Helena

The picture was not originally taken by Danay Helena.  According to the sources, a parent of a student came across these hair guidelines while going through a school visit. She shared the picture with her hairstylist. The hairstylist, Danay Helena, finding the picture to be discriminatory in behaviour shared it one Facebook.

The picture went viral, it has received 4k shares so far with 2.1k comments. Danay Helena has not so many friends on Facebook, and the number of shares and comments show that the snap has went viral. Helena was of the view that the school was only showing American kids of African background as an example.

People were pretty much divided on the issue. Some called it as a mandate of the school to address the dress code policies according to their own liking. However, a few parents opined that the school must uphold freedom of opinion and freedom of expression; therefore, it shouldn’t prejudice against the innocent kids. Gail Murphy wrote, “If the hair is neat and clean, not a safety issue, what is the problem. Hair is hair.” Jahsiah Solomon wrote, “If the school offers to pay for the “appropriate” haircuts/styles then I’ll be all for it. but as long as parents are paying they need to cut it out and focus on education.”

Soon after the Facebook post went viral, the parents started to call the concerned school for conveying their remarks. The school immediately took action and took down the poster. They also sent the school’s detailed policy on dress code and other matters related to appearance. The school said that the poster was made because of a miscommunication happened at a staff level. In a categorical statement, the school said that the entire episode was a result of the miscommunication related to the appearance rules at the school.

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