Elderly flight passenger throws coins into engine for ‘luck’, delays take-off for hours

I tried to believe it as a troll but the reality can’t be taken as something fake or it becomes a denial. This woman threw a coin into the aeroplane’s engine just to cater some luck. This is parallel to throwing non-drinkable antiseptic solution into your drink just to avoid bacterias.

The flight was routed from Shanghai to Guangzhou. This happened at Shanghai Pudong when China Southern Airlines Flight 380 got delayed due to the coin-throwing genius action of a lady. The investigation is still underway according to a flight pilot’s communicated through a WeChat account.

The flight used a boarding staircase and this woman was spotted to be throwing coins into the aeroplane’s engine as an act of bringing good luck. The passengers using the boarding staircase reported the lady to the plane’s crew. Reports say that the lady was around 80 years of age accompanied by her husband, daughter and son-in-law.

Plane mechanics instantly took action against the complaints, they found around 9 coins on the ground, must have missed the destination, and one coin inside the engine. If the coin might have been sucked further inside, this would have caused serious damage, including total engine damage.

Credits: SCMP

The flight got five hours late because of the engineers making sure the intensity of the problem. They were quite hesitant to give it a green signal prior to any 100% safety assurance. China Southern Airlines told media that passengers are required to follow the protocol and procedure of flights to avoid any act which might jeopardise the flight’s safety.

Poor lady!

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