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Eat less red meat, researchers said. Now some believe it was a bad advice

Weight conscious people have always tried to remain within an approved BMI Index level; therefore, such people have often preferred to decrease their meat intake, especially an intake of red meat. Such weight conscious people believe that fats accompanied with red meat can prove to be harmful and can act as an agent to increase weight. Similarly, public health officials were often found advocating in favour of reduction in the consumption of red meat for most Americans. They believed that an increase in cases of heart disease, cancer and other ills were somehow linked to the an increased consumption of red meat.

As published by New York, a remarkable turnout has been published by an international collaboration of researchers. The new research backed by some researchers has shown that all the dietary advice is not backed by credible scientific evidence. The researchers concluded that ill effects of eating red meat are pretty low and can only be aggrandised if large sum of populations are considered. The effects on individual lives are pretty low and scientific evidence to support those effects are not with good backing; therefore, those effects are not enough to force people change their meat eating habits.

The certainty of evidence for these risk reductions was low to very low.

Bradley Johnston, an epidemiologist from Dalhousie University in Canada said that the certainty of evidence to help people alter their meat eating habits is pretty low. The new research raises many questions regarding dietary guidelines which are mostly prevalent and adopted by many people. It sets a new baseline for the future dietary advice, that those should be backed by credible scientific evidence.

The findings also face criticism from renowned physicians

Renowned health researchers from American Heart Association and American Cancer Society have already criticised the findings. They also savaged the journal which published the research paper.

A Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine challenged the published journal and also filed a petition against it in Federal Trade Commission. Almost all the members of the committee called the research to be fatally flawed.

Environmentalists would definitely criticise the findings too

While the study actually helps those who are in favour of a high protein diet and believe that this is necessary for the development of their muscles. However, there is another group other than those renowned physicians who would criticise the report. The environmentalists would definitely liked to highlight the environmental degradation because of livestock production. Further, animal abuse is also a matter of concern, because industrial farming of animals is most of the times focused more on profits.

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