Earth just rang like a bell, strange ripples, not body knows why

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There are a lot of things which just don’t make sense. The science has tried to find answers to a lot of questions. With the passage of time, the science was able to understand a few phenomena but there are many things which are yet not explained. The scientists are working hard to understand these physical phenomena.

Strange ripples felt around the world, the reason is unknown: National Geographic

Instruments had picked up a strange seismic waves around the world, this activity bears no explanation. These waves were around 10k miles away from their center and the strange thing is that no body felt them. A mysterious rumble rolled around the earth on 11th November. These waves were reported to begin 15 miles off the shore of Mayotte. This is an island between Africa and Madagascar, a French island to be more specific. These waves traveled across these regions, Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. These traveled further and rang sensors in Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii nearly 11,000 miles away. This is a strange thing which was never observed before.

These waves rang for around 20 minutes and the strange thing which makes the queer is that no human felt them. Only the sensors were able to get these waves.

Strange waves from the perspective of an earthquake enthusiast

An Earthquake enthusiast was also able to pick up these waves. He noticed an odd signal on his apparatus. He didn’t took a second a took a picture while sharing it on the Twitter.

The guy wrote that this one signal was plane awkward. He was unsure if such a signal had ever been observed in the history of the mankind. The people shared pretty queer comments on his seismic record. Someone said that maybe it’s a cry for help.

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