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EA fired original game creator because he refused to make Pay-to-Win game system

EA Sports isn’t being nice to his own programmers and game developers just because they do not believe in money and corporate goals. Recently EA Sports fired another programmer of theirs because he refused to install a pay to win system in one of the most famous games being played both on iPhone and Android.

In a YouTube video which was basically a podcast where the video game designer Edmund McMillen was talking and shedding light on one of the recent controversies of a developer getting fired and the EA Sports emphasised on pay to win trappings.

Since it was a podcast so during it McMillen name-dropped the creator of Plants vs Zombies and how he got fired after he refused to add pay to win elements in Plants versus Zombies 2. A website has transcribed word McMillen shared in the podcast.

You guys want to hear an industry story that has to do with EA and an independent developer? This is a semi-unknown story, and I hope I’m not stepping on toes with it, but I know I can…as long as I say it like a “slightly fuzzy on the details.”

It involves a friend of mine, George Fan. So George made a game called “Insaniquarium.” He made it ages ago and it won a lot of awards, and he got headhunted by PopCap. And PopCap hired him, set him off with two more people in a small office, and said, “hey, make the game” and he’s like “okay I’m going to make Plants vs. Zombies.” And he made Plants vs. Zombies, it was hugely successful, and they got acquired by EA, EA made that game even more successful. And they were like, “okay, we’re going to focus on this and we’re going to make a sequel, we’re going to do spinoffs, this and this.” And George was like, “great! I’ve got an idea for a sequel!” And he developed this game independently as well, with an independent mindset with a small team of people. It was personal. Knowing the guy, I can see the characters are personal, every little bit and pieces is something from him. So it was his baby. And they’re like “hey, y’know, let’s make this sequel, start on the sequel, and we’re going to put it on mobile, and we’re going to do this pay-to-win.” And he’s like, “ah, I dunno, it’s not a good idea, and I don’t really want to do that with my game, and they said, “you’re fired.” And he left.

Do watch the below podcast, the guy shares the story at around 40 minutes of the video, just so you can skip right to it.

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