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Dylann Roof’s sister arrested after bringing Weapons to School Walkout

Dyalann Roof’s sister

There was a massive walkout by students from different institutes in response to the Parkland shooting. There seemed to be two kinds of people that were discussing these kids. One was the group, who supported their idea as a whole and on the other hand, there were some rightwing groups that called for the end of these walkouts and declared it as a propaganda.

There was a mass-shooting in 2015, the shooter’s sister is right now involved in an illegal activity which us causing a lot of problems for her. Morgan Roof, 18, was arrested and charged with having drugs and weapon on her. She also made a nasty racist Snapchat recently which sparked an outrage among other students as well. When everyone was out for a walkout, she was making a disgusting Snapchat.

She was criticised by a lot of people that were involved in a walkout. She was immediately taken into the custody when officers found her in possession of a knife, pepper spray and marijuana. Having said this, We need to establish a system where anyone can speak their mind and so this would encourage these teenagers to live a normal and a happy life. There must be a lot going on inside the head of this girl.

She hoped that the students walking out of the protest might get shot

Her parents were not available for comment. If we reach out to children like these, we can make them stop from the heinous crimes. Everyone should be treated equally before the eyes of the law. No other information was released but it is speculated that she was captured just because she possessed a weapon and not because the kind of hate speech she released on the Snapchat. The screenshots of her Snapchat posts went viral, here is what was written on it, “I hope it’s a trap and y’all get shot,” it said. “We know it’s fixing to be nothing but black people walkin out anyway.” Gun violence is a great issue and it needs to be dealt accordingly.

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